My foray into software engineering commenced on a nimble team of five, tasked with developing a bespoke CRM for an internet and telecom company. In this initial role, a comprehensive understanding of full-stack development was crucial, shaping my early career with a hands-on, multifaceted approach.

Balancing my budding career with full-time studies presented its challenges, yet it was through sheer determination and a refusal to capitulate that I evolved into a productive team member. This period was a testament to my belief that mastery in full-stack development is a journey honed over years of dedicated practice.

In my first year as a developer, I juggled part-time work with academic commitments. This phase was marked by an intensive learning curve, where I delved into technologies such as Git, GitLab, Jira, Python, Pyramid, Vue, and Vuetify. Pair programming with senior engineers accelerated my learning, laying a solid foundation in the intricacies of software development.

My second year witnessed significant growth. I began handling individual tasks, ranging from database modifications and queries to creating endpoints for data retrieval. This period was also characterized by my expanding knowledge in PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, and enhancing user interfaces with Vue and Vuetify, including the development of data tables for custom reports.

The third year at Veracity Networks, coinciding with the company’s transition towards acquisition by FirstDigital, was a phase of intensified responsibilities. My expanding skill set allowed for greater independence in my work. This year also marked a strategic shift to Salesforce development in response to the acquisition.

In the post-acquisition phase, adapting quickly to Salesforce was imperative. My responsibilities included data migration using Python, and the creation of Salesforce objects to integrate data from both companies. A significant project during this time was developing a feature to catalogue every address in Utah for emergency services, utilizing Go for the endpoint and integrating it with a custom Lightning component and APEX in Salesforce.

Currently, my role involves continuous data exportation and crafting complex screen flows in Salesforce, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of customer service operations.

Software Engineer

FirstDigital (Aquired Veracity Networks)

  • Implement Salesforce
  • Data migration using Python
  • Salesforce Integrations
  • Salesforce screen flows

Software Engineer

Veracity Networks

  • Build out and modify tables, models and REST API endpoints to implement new features.
  • Build and modify Vue components to beautifully display data

General Manager MVC Drywall

Millwood Management/Miller Development

  • Bid and manage drywall installation of large apartment complex’s
  • Oversee 60+ employees

Director of Maintenance

Millwood Management/Miller Development

  • Oversee maintenance teams of 23 diverse multi-family properties
  • Provide team training
  • Yearly budgets
  • Implemented creative strategy for government inspections saving millions of dollars a year.