My journey as a software engineer began with a deep dive into Java during the initial one and a half years of my college education. The strongly-typed nature of Java appealed to me greatly, and I found myself enamored with its comprehensive documentation.

My introduction to Python occurred in the workplace, where its simplicity and efficiency in coding instantly captivated me. This exposure gradually shifted my focus from Java to Python, as I undertook various tasks that harnessed the power and versatility of Python.

As I stepped into my role as a professional Software Engineer, my skillset expanded to include essential tools and technologies integral to modern software development. I developed proficiency in Git and Jira, essential for efficient version control and project management. Additionally, I honed my skills in troubleshooting Docker containers, understanding the nuances of image management. My toolkit also grew to encompass Vim, Vue, Vuetify, and JavaScript, each adding a new dimension to my capabilities.

More recently, I have had the opportunity to venture into the realm of Salesforce, broadening my expertise and allowing me to engage with new challenges and solutions in the evolving landscape of software engineering.